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Buy a Hot Tub Online 

Considering purchasing a hot tub online?

 Here are a number of reasons to reconsider that:
  • Support: Most online hot tub retail sites don't have support after the sale. Contact the online retailer and ask for the phone number of the local hot tub service provider. If you are given an 800 number, insist on finding out the exact location of your potential service provider. Ideally, you should be able to speak directly with the service company.
  • Delivery: More often than not, online retailers can only guarantee driveway delivery. If you're told that the hot tub will be delivered to its exact permanent location, ask who the delivery company is. Take the time to contact the company and verify that you won't have a 700+ pound hot tub in your driveway when you arrive home one day.
  • Chemicals: Anyone can sell hot tub chemicals. Online companies have proven this fact time and again. That said, will anyone be there to answer the phone when you can't seem to get the proper water balance? How will you react when there is a service need and the technician informs you that the damage resulted from improper water balance and won't be covered? Nothing beats a good regional shop with a technical staff that can provide the answers you need in a timely fashion.
  • Brand: Any manufacturer of a well-made hot tub is not going to allow its product to be sold online without proper support. The country is riddled with hot tubs made by fly-by-night manufacturers that sold "factory-direct" online and went out of business within years of incorporation. Don't be the victim of the industry's next untimely bankruptcy. There's nothing worse than losing your manufacturer's warranty and not having a dealer to turn to for support.

In the end, the best piece of advice for anyone looking to buy a hot tub is this: Ask a friend. Ask several friends. Take the time to find out where other people purchased their hot tubs. Find out if they are truly happy with the overall experience. Did they find themselves settling for "good enough" or performing their own repairs? If you simply ask if they like their hot tubs, most peoples' answer is "Yes, we love our hot tub.". Most people really love their hot tubs. Take the time to ask specific questions about delivery, service, and support. Whether this is your first hot tub or a replacement, Lansing Spatech wants to your hot tub dealer!