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Sunstar Premium Hot tub Covers By Lansing Spatech 

At Lansing Spatech we are proud to offer the industry's best hot tub cover. We provide all of our covers with 2# density foam, full heat seals, and multiple core wraps. Along with simple cover care and maintenance, these covers will last significantly longer than your original OEM cover provided with your tub. Unlike buying a hot tub cover online, you have the protection of a local dealer when you purchase a cover from Lansing Spatech!

Sunstar has patterns for the majority of spa brands and models on the market today. Ordering is as simple as a phone call to our store at 860-413-9946!

 If your pattern is not available, we will arrange to stop by and measure your cover when we are in the area. Unlike ordering online, you won't get stuck with an ill-fitting cover!


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Insist on Quality

The Sunstar Hot Tub Cover applies the strength of Virgin Dura Foam cores with an R value of 14.3 and tapers the foam from 4" to 2.5" to allow accumulated water to run off easily. We then strengthen the channel hinge with 20-gauge galvanized steel and add a full-length heat seal gasket (optional on all hinged covers) with the Antaeus 2000™ Vapor heat seal for the strongest heat seal in the industry


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Insist on Sunstar

Not even the best copy can match the quality and pride that goes into a Sunstar Spa Cover.


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Authorized Sunstar Dealers

When you purchase your new spa cover from an Authorized Sunstar Dealer they will stand behind their product and we stand behind them. If you purchase a cover online who will you call if it arrives with freight damage?


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Why choose Sunstar? 

 Spa and hot tub energy conservation starts by reducing heat loss through weaknesses in your hot tub cover.The insulation value derived from our manufacturing process using virgin foam cores, marine grade vinyl, full-length heat seal gaskets (optional on all hinged covers) and the tightness of the Antaeus 2000™ vapor seal on the hot tub distinguishes Sunstar Spa Covers from the rest. Sunstar hot tub & spa covers We are manufactured by thinking green which in turn will save you green.

Sunstar is the originator of the rigid vinyl spa and hot tub cover with over 30 years of service and dedication to the hot tub and spa industry.


Marine Grade Vinyl
Over 1500/hrs of UV testing
Energy Efficiency Rating
Unmatched Craftsmanship
3-Year Non-prorated Warranty

UL listed hot tub covers astm compliant hot tub covers

Sunstar Spa Tops™ Exceed Safety Standards! The Sunstar Spa Top™ is designed to serve as a thermal insulating locking safety cover for your spa. In 1993, our covers were first tested by an independent lab to comply with the ASTM Safety Standard. All models passed and Sunstar was the first spa cover manufacturer to offer a safety-labeled cover. Then In 1994, Sunstar was the first spa cover manufacturer to receive UL Classification. Our covers are all classified for ASTM Safety on all sizes, densities and models, even swim spas.