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Hot Tub Chemical Instructions

1 day per week (every week)
Stain & Scale- Add 2 ounces of Stain and Scale 1 day per week. Stain & Scale prevents minerals from scaling onto the heater element, pipes, and the internal pump components.

Alkalinilty- Test and balance alklinity 1 day per week

         If alkalinity is low, add two heaping teaspoons of Alkalinity Up at a time. Wait 20 minutes between tests and add as needed. Alkilinity is the stabilizer for pH.​

pH- Test and balance pH one day per week​.  The pH level is important because it helps to prevent corrosion to the seals, gaskets and heater element. Additionally, covers and pillows will last longer with proper pH balance.
Non-chlorine Shock- Add 3 heaping teaspoons on shock per 250 gallons one day per week. Shock helps to oxidize the used chlorine and dead orgnic materials in your hot tub water. After adding shock, turn on all pumps and leave the hot tub cover open for 20 minutes.
Chlorine- After adding shock, chlorine should be tested and added as needed. Add two heaping teaspoons at a time and wait 20 minutes between tests.
Following every use
Chlorine- 1 heaping teaspoon of chlorine ​must be added following use immediately after use. The maximum dose at any time is 4 heaping teaspoons. If the hot tub has been used by several people throughout the day, test and add chlorine, as needed, ther following day. It is essential that a chlorine level of 3-5 ppm is reached following heavy use.
I keep adding chlorine to the hot tub, but I can't get a free chlorine reading. What is happening? If you have added more than 4 heaping teaspoons of chlorine to your water and still haven't managed to get a free chlorine reading, you have contaminated water. Call us for advice immediately! 413-237-1456